"Taikapuut". Lyijykynän päällä on töpötelty hopean tai kullan väristä pulloväriä. Rungot ja oksat väriliiduilla. Sopii myös pienimmille oppilaille. (Alakoulun aarreaitta FB -sivustosta / Virpi Janhunen)

Metallic trees Klimpt Winter - I do these but use neon colors for the leaves.might have to try different metallics next year!


Decorating for Christmas with nature finds - a small artificial tree or live sprigs would be nice toppers too.

Magnificent Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas

Magnificent Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas

To help you in your Christmas endeavors, we’ve listed some of the most beautiful rustic Christmas decorating ideas below.

50 inspiré de la nature idées déco vacances - Un peu pompette

ornaments for holidays or mushrooms or birds for spring A Little Tipsy: 50 Nature Inspired Holiday Decor Ideas

Feltro Fácil: Papai Noel de Feltro ... - un agrupados imágenes foto - Pin ellos Todo

Many peoples spend lots of time and resources to make or acquire unique gifts for family and friends. But, accompanying them with the usual generic card is