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a white board with writing on it that says respect looks like sounds like someone else
What Does It Look, Sound, and Feel Like?
what respect looks like and sounds like
an art project made out of cardboard with houses on the top and bottom, in front of a blue wall
Art Project Homes and Shelters
children's play area with various road signs and traffic lights on the floor in front of them
trafik kuralları ile ilgili etkinlikler TRAFİK VE İLK YARDIM HAFTASI ETKİNLİKLERİ
trafik kuralları ile ilgili etkinlikler
a person reaching for some fruit on top of crackers with kiwis and strawberries
Traffic Light Snack for Toddlers - Raising Whasians
Traffic light snack for toddlers
a young boy standing next to a dog on top of a hard wood floor in a kitchen
Stoplight Beanbag Toss
Traffic Light Bean Bag Toss. this could be a center during transportation unit. kids could use tallies to record the number of times they got green, yellow, red
there are four crackers with candy on them
Together As Family
Fun Kid Food: graham cracker traffic lights. Perfect do-it yourself snack for the kids that they will love.
a paper plate that has a house on it with words written in the middle and around it
"My Place in the World:" Kids Geography Project
Helps them understand the difference between city, state, country etc.
an art project made with construction paper and colored crayons on the bottom half of it
Read Write Sing
foreground, middle and background: Cityscape Art Lesson
four paintings with different shapes and colors on them, each one has an image of a city
Van Gogh Inspired City at Night Art Project | Deep Space Sparkle
city-at-night gallery (topics could be: families, neighbourhoods, line, shape, space etc.)
two barbie dolls are sitting on an inflatable tube
Crafts | Disney Family
How fun is this!
DIY: Cardboard tunnels, cereal box train station and train tracks drawn in a giant box! Diy For Kids, Diy, Home-made Toys, Cardboard Play, Cardboard Toys, Diy Cardboard Toys, Diy Cardboard, Cardboard Crafts
Train Tracks Small World in a Cardboard Box - The Imagination Tree
DIY: Cardboard tunnels, cereal box train station and train tracks drawn in a giant box!
a collage of cars and buildings is displayed on a table next to a traffic light
On The Road Storytime
"On The Road" Collage Craft for Kids-- Using magazine cut-outs, scrap paper, and cardboard. Make the road and the city skyline as long as you like!