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46 Medications that Cause Memory Loss Common Medications, Foods To Avoid, Brain Food, Healthy Life, Helpful Hints, Drugs, Health Fitness, Medical, Memories

46 Medications that Cause Memory Loss

The human brain is arguably the most complicated and least understood organ in the human body. It controls everything we do, think, and feel. The size of our human brains is why we have evolved far past any other animal on the planet. We are one of the only mammals on the planet who can...

10 Grocery Store Items You Should Never Buy Again (Plus the good alternative swaps! Safety Shop, Foods To Avoid, Grocery Store, Meal Prep, Alternative, Good Things, Babe, Stuff To Buy, Tips

10 Grocery Store Items You Should Never Buy Again (Plus the good alternative swaps!)

Which 10 Foods to Avoid to Help Prevent Cancer (Which 10 Foods to Avoid to Help Prevent Cancer) The well-known American Institute of Cancer recently made a Healthy Life, Healthy Living, Healthy Eats, Healthy Foods, Cancer Causing Foods, Cancer Foods, Fighting Cancer, Genetically Modified Food, Natural Cancer Cures

10 Cancer-Linked Foods You Should Never Put in Your Mouth Again

Here's a list of 10 possibly carcinogenic foods you may want to avoid to increase your chances of cancer prevention.

9 Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings - Experience Life Health And Beauty, Health And Wellness, Health Tips, Health Benefits, Sugar Consumption, No Sugar Diet, High Blood Sugar, Pill Bottles, Liver Disease

How Sugar Makes You Sick

To understand how sugar can wreak havoc on your health, take a closer look at how it’s metabolized in the body.

Do artificial food dyes affect behavior? It does affect my children, who do not have behavioral issues otherwise. Health And Nutrition, Health And Wellness, Health Tips, Nutrition Articles, Women's Health, Health Fitness, Artificial Food Coloring, Wellness Mama, Food Dye

Do Food Dyes Affect Behavior? | Wellness Mama

Artificial food dyes are banned in the EU and in many countries after research showed they can contribute to hyperactivity, ADD or ADHD.

Take a walk down the chips aisle at the grocery store, and you face an intimidating amount of snack food choices. With so many products on the market Healthy Chips, Healthy Snack Options, Healthy Fruits, Healthy Snacks For Kids, Healthy Eating, Real Food Recipes, Snack Recipes, Chips Brands, Healthy Potatoes

Are Potato Chips Bad For You? Avoid These Brands Of Unhealthy Chips

Are potato chips bad for you? Kind of! Staying away from these 10 brands and shopping healthier snacks will help keep your snacking healthy.

Eat Stop Eat To Loss Weight - 9 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Eating Carbs - In Just One Day This Simple Strategy Frees You From Complicated Diet Rules - And Eliminates Rebound Weight Gain Sin Gluten, Gluten Free, Hard Bread, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Cut Out Carbs, Dining Etiquette, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Recipes

5 Secrets About White Flour That will Shock You

The standard American diet is a diet of chronic disease and death. Our food supply has been killing us slowly. White flour has been killing you! In 1910, the Federal District Court of Missouri declared bleached white flour unfit as human food . But, unfortunately, according to H.W. Wiley, first chief of the Food and …

8 Popular Tea Bag Companies That Contain Illegal Amounts of Deadly Pesticides Infused Water Detox, Tea Benefits, Health Benefits, Tea Labels, Backyard Vegetable Gardens, Foods To Avoid, Smoothie Drinks, Cool Plants, Herbal Tea

8 Popular Tea Brands Contaminated with Toxic Levels of Pesticides, Heavy Metals, and Plastics

Sipping on pesticide-soaked tea water doesn't sound like the most relaxing idea in mind. Here are the companies to steer clear of, so you can rest at ease.

Testing by CBC Marketplace and CBC’s French investigative consumer show L& reveals that some teas on the market contain levels of pesticides that exceed Canadian standards. Health And Beauty, Health And Wellness, Teas Test, Tea Brands, Foods To Avoid, Easy Garden, Tea Recipes, Detox Drinks, Health Matters

Full tea test results - Blog - Marketplace

Findings from our accredited lab tests measuring pesticide residue levels in tea brands.

Beware of These 10 Popular Chocolate Brands that Exploit Child Slaves. Here's a handy guide to help avoid buying Halloween treats produced by child slaves. Chocolate Company, Chocolate Brands, Chocolate Treats, Holiday Treats, Halloween Treats, Serving Others, Post Date, Popular, Pumpkin Recipes

Beware Of These 8 Popular Chocolate Brands That Exploit Child Slaves

Source: | Original Post Date: October 31, 2015 - Here’s a handy guide to help avoid buying Halloween treats produced by child slaves. Americans spend over a billion dollars every Halloween on chocolate, accounting for 10% of most chocolate company’s annual revenue. And the

CBC MarketPlace: What's in your chicken sandwich? DNA test shows Subway sandwiches could contain just chicken Marketplace had chicken from 5 major fast food restaurants tested Subway Chicken, Chicken Subs, Half Chicken, Chicken Salad, Roast Chicken Sandwiches, Fast Chicken Recipes, Recipe Chicken, Healthy Chicken, Recipes

50% chicken DNA: Why your favourite fast food chicken sandwich might not be what you ordered | CBC News

Canadians who opt for chicken sandwiches while dining at fast food restaurants may find a Marketplace analysis of what they contain a little hard to swallow.

Fast food chicken: Testing Subway, McDonald's, A&W, Wendy's & Tim Hortons (CBC Marketplace) Subway Chicken, New Recipes, Low Carb Recipes, Half Chicken, Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, Tim Hortons, Fast Food Chains, Food Science, Foods To Avoid

Fast food chicken: Testing Subway, McDonald's, A&W, Wendy's & Tim Hortons (CBC Marketplace)

We test grilled chicken sandwiches from Subway, McDonald's, A&W, Wendy's and Tim Hortons to find out how much chicken is in that chicken. Watch more: https:/...

7 Food Additives that Trigger Leaky Gut  If you are dedicated and serious about healing leaky gut and autoimmune disease, I need you to know about a recent study that IDs seven food a. L Glutamine Benefits, Healthy Tips, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Brain, Fodmap Recipes, Easy Recipes, California Roll Sushi, Food Texture, Disease Symptoms

'Meat Glue' & Other Ingredients in California Roll Sushi, Gummy Bears & Salad Dressing Are Now Implicated in Leaky Gut & Mysterious Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

Scientists have identified food additives that trigger leaky gut. To keep your digestive and immune systems in check, avoid the things on this list.