Easter chicken by Ar do Campo, via Flickr

Easter Crafts Designs and Ideas are made to fit time to celebrate the return of Spring also. Easter Crafts Designs and Ideas include huge selection of personalized Easter items.


Great use for the 'window' frame that the glass broke.add a crate/box on the bottom and add plants or flowers, s. display or window display

Pasen - foto's

Centerpiece that looks like a nest for spring//Pasen - foto's

pisanki+ekologiczne+eko+eco+style+easter+eggs+creadiva+8.jpg (600×800)

pisanki+ekologiczne+eko+eco+style+easter+eggs+creadiva+8.jpg (600×800)

This hanging vase can work out with small garden :) Very simple to make, hope u guys like this #garden #flowers

Chicken Wire and Moss May Day Basket — Vanessa from Crafts Unleashed made floral wall sconces using chicken wire and moss. The yellow freesias look amazing in this rustic May Day basket.