Ledové království

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a drawing of a castle made out of plastic on a white surface with black outline
six blue tiles with white designs on them sitting on the ground next to each other
several pictures of the same building made out of cardboard and cut into smaller pieces to make it look like a castle
Ledové království
several pieces of blue wrapping paper with snowflakes on them
an image of frozen princesses and their names
an image of two cartoon characters with names
an image of frozen princess and the word olaf in two different languages, each with their own name
two sheets of stickers with pictures of reindeers and deer's on them
an image of a frozen princess number match game with snowflakes and numbers on it
four pictures of cows in different ways on a piece of white paper with brown and blue strips
two orange trays filled with blue and white rocks
Accessories, Enamel Pins, Notebook
four pieces of paper with letters and pictures on them