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We know what's good for you - enochliew: La Tallera Siqueiros Museum by Frida...

Making the most out of natural light, the contrasts between the dark wood and the white wall create distinguished patterns from the shadow created by the pattern within the wood. (Frida Escobedo — La Tallera Siqueiros — Image 18 of 52 — Europaconcorsi)

Curious one by civilengineeringworld #homedesign #contratahotel (o) http://ift.tt/21if4Lr a mixture ofhemphurds (shives) andlime used as a material for construction andinsulation. It lacks thebrittlenessof concrete and consequently does not needexpansion joints. It has excellent earthquake resistance.  The typicalcompressive strengthis around 1MPa around 1/20 that of residential grade concrete. Hempcrete walls must be used together with a frame of another material that supports the vertical…

The Growth of Hemp Lime as a Natural Building Method - Hempcrete is easier to work with than traditional lime mixes and acts as an insulator and moisture regulator. It lacks the brittleness of concrete and consequently does not need expansion joints