Vladimír Chmelík

Vladimír Chmelík

Vladimír Chmelík
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su una lastra di spessore a scelta (2mm è un'ottima misura) :  - disegnare - tagliare - ricuocere - imbutire - allargare la parte centrale - limare/arrotondare i bordi - levigare - lucidare

How to make a wedding ring. by ~Vassilius on deviantART. I wish I owned a blow torch and a precise metal cutter.

Fake Lip ring / Earring Tutorial by mollyeberwein on DeviantArt

Fake Lip ring / Earring Tutorial by mollyeberwein on DeviantArt. Using plastic book binding ring strips

Strapping to hang leather shoulder I have.

* Single shoulder * Hand crafted * Segmental spaulder is made of waxed leather mm thick. Leather belts with brass buckles are fixed / men's fashion / cosplay / LARP / post apocalyptic inspiration / wasteland gear

leather vambrace - no grommets by ~TegwynDeForest on deviantART -she also did the same with a corset

When I'm all out of grommets, I start getting creative with coper wire. Here I used old pink sofa leather, painted it Brown and cut holes in it just lar. Leather Vambrace gauntlet - no grommets