Veronika Berkelova

Veronika Berkelova

Veronika Berkelova
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So, I'm going to be a unicorn for Halloween. Specifically, a murdery unicorn. I want to go all out with this costume, including the makeup, but I could really use some help/advice in that area specifically.

the banshee by ~ARTSIE-FARTSIE-PAINT ~ effective use of body

Scary halloween make up. I'm sure Cierra would like this make up because it's so scary and effective using only black and white, and coloured contact lenses.

Photography by Pauline Darley (10)

Halloween Makeup: Hauntingly Beautiful Skeleton Makeup Girl by Mademoiselle Mu - Model Clémentine Levy's skeletal look is the creative result of expert make up artist Mademoiselle Mu and fashion photographer Pauline Darley