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Recept na domácí měsíčková mast - Tip pro zdraví od Majkla

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Drying herbs of the garden for the winter

Drying mint from the garden, which is used in the winter for teas as well as for meditarrean sauces.

Herbs at the market for different illnesses

Cutting fresh parsley for my favorite spaghetti dish

This beautiful echinacea flower not only attracts millions of butterflies, but is also very healthy, strengthening our immune system against colds.

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An edible flower can lift a plate of a simple sandwich by so much!

Spaghetti mit Unkraut Pesto

Great way to grow flowers!

The first leaves of the wild garlic are showing!! Can´t wait to make my favorite soup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9Ulo3SqcUA

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