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an open window with the words how does light enter a house? if the windows are open how does light enter a human?
paulo coelho, eleven minutes
a sign that says you go outside, you look at the sun then you return home and you can't work with all that light
Live thru this
chamanka: “ apollossong: jonas mekas as i was moving ahead occasionally i saw brief glimpses of beauty ”
a large sign that is on the side of a hill by the ocean at night
Robert Montgomery - Biography, Shows, Articles & More | Artsy
a child's drawing of a yellow sun with eyes closed and hands in the air
i can’t wait for summer
i can’t wait for summer - playlist by jess molina | Spotify
a painting with the words express yourself on it
David Moreiras Ares on Twitter
Vincent Van Gogh「El sol」
two people laying in the sand on top of a beach next to each other,
Sleeping sunbathers in Lithuania - in pictures
Photographer Tadao Cern spent a weekend photographing men and women as they slept on an unnamed public beach in Lithuania. The project, titled 'Comfort Zone', aims to explore how different surroundings can affect people's behaviour and inhibitions.
an old license plate with the word sun luvr written on it
@cobainmoods on ig
Blue polyvore moodboard filler license plate sun lover
the words here comes the sun are spray painted on a white wall with red writing
E.D | המשוטטת
E.D | המשוטטת
a quote from mary olver expert of that sweet flute john care in west wind