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a child's handwritten chart with the names of their favorite children
the character checklist is shown in purple and white, with black text on it
a drawing of a woman's face with the words create a character above her head
an image of a cartoon character's face with words above it
a poster with the words oc generator on it in black and white, surrounded by trees
Oc Generator!
the eco villain generator is shown with instructions for how to use it and what to use it
Oc- Eco villain
a white poster with the words make your side character list in black and blue on it
Make your (side/main) Character
a poster with the words oc generator on it
Cool OC generator
the new oc challenge is here to help students learn how to use their writing skills
a poster with words and pictures on it that says, creating a fantasy world wordbuilding questions
Creating a Fantasy World - Worldbuilding | Now Novel
the words in this poem are written on white paper
a poster with the words make an oc challenge on it and pictures of books, pencil
🌸Create an OC challange🌸
an open book sitting on top of a table
a pink poster with black writing on it that says, create a character you're favorite color
Create a Character Challenge!
an illustrated map shows the different types of fantasy powers and how they are used to make them
Creating a Fantasy World: Magical Powers (Infographic) - Auden Johnson
an illustrated map shows the locations of fantasy power plants and other things that can be found in
Author's Guide to Creating Infographics
a poster with different types of items on it
[OC] Bounty Ranger Kit
iwasgeoff (u/iwasgeoff) - Reddit
an image of a bunch of items that are labeled in the book's title
[OC] Bounty Ranger Kit
how to draw mountains on your fantasy map
How to Draw Stippled Mountains on Your Fantasy Map | Map Effects
how to draw marshes on your maps
Drawing Marshes on Your Fantasy Maps - Where Do They Form? — Map Effects
how to draw canyons on your maps
How to Draw Canyons On Your Fantasy Maps
Canyons are a striking feature of any landscape and can really be a focal point in the story you're telling. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw canyons that bring a sense of depth to the landscape and make your fantasy map really stand out.
the wizard's hat and other things to include in your fantasy map, as well as their names
More Ideas for Worldbuilding Locations
More Ideas for Worldbuilding Locations : worldbuilding
how to come up with book titles
a digital painting of a woman's face with makeup and hair in the shape of a cross
a woman's face with long hair and blue eyes
Serena Fadden
Personaje de FOLLIUM