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an image of two people and one cat in the same photo with caption that says, sugohero zitaotarash pubby i can'm i cant believe you used to be used to be to be a ferret
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#evolution #puhahaha #chanyeol #puberty #truck #like #suho #exo #hit #and #apuhahaha EXO // Puberty hit Chanyeol like a truck ... and Suho like evolutionpuhahaha EXO // Puberty hit Chanyeol like a truck ... and Suho like evolution
a man holding a microphone in front of two pictures with the same person on it
there's too much going on in this pic baehyn has shopping bags xim and chen are in love sehun dont give a fuk and last you have fab chae
The Alpha Wolf and His Mate
The cold hearted alpha named Oh Sehun found his mate. A human at that… #fantasy #Fantasy #amreading #books #wattpad
an image of two people walking with winnie the pooh
EXO memes
the man is talking on his cell phone while wearing a gray shirt and black cap
Hauptsächlich Memes Bin aber auf Nachfrage auch offen für: Oneshots,… #zufällig # Zufällig # amreading # books # wattpad
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When EXO-Ls were supposed to name the ‘gun dance move’ from Love Shot’s choreo and it turned into a d*ck joke ✧ 181212 ‘EXO Will Tell You’ V Live
some kids are standing in front of a blackboard
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