Vašek Dvořák

Vašek Dvořák

No tak co by ste jako chtěli vědět,newim ten kdo mě zná ten ví . Pc maniak,I interested in a Computer,electronics etc.....
Vašek Dvořák
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Led voltmeter note. You can use LM324 instead of μ741

LED Voltmeter ________________________________________ Four op-amps are used here to measure the voltage ranging from to DC. The voltage measured is displayed on eight LEDs.

Voici la différence de tous les iPhone.                              …

Evolution of iPhone- A Visual History of iPhone and Technology,iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Smartphones,Apple has done so many innovations since first iPhone

Mini Arduino environment monitor Check out for cool new arduino stuff!

This is an Example of how you can use the Arduino to monitor various environmental parameters And display them on a LCD screen. Note: I Added a Real Time Clock! To see the steps, added parts  and Sketch I added new steps.