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Captain America by Steve McNiven.

My name is John and I am into Comics, Movies, Artwork, Painting, Rock'n'Roll and Music in General.

SUPERMAN by •Gary Frank

If you've never read a comic book or a graphic novel, and have any love or interest in Superman, then I suggest you read Superman: Secret Origin. It's well-written, well-drawn, and heartfelt. Geoff Johns always does a great job with Superman.

The World’s Finest - Created by Vassilis Dimitros

The guys at Rokcsteady really love Batman, as much as we do. They delivered an amazing storyline in the Arkham trilogy, worthy of a movie standard, and . The Batman

Super Family •Marcus To & Irma Kniivila

June 6 and 7 is Special Edition New York and I will be there with my new print this year. Last year it was the Bat Fam and this year is the Superman Fam coloured by the very talented Irma Kniivila.