Tales from Thaiwan factory in Czech Republic

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the comic strip shows two people talking to each other
three cartoon images depicting people with speech bubbles
a large black bird sitting on top of a table next to people in the background
Backpacks, Goruck Gr1
three panels showing different stages of the same person's life in an area with water and trees
three cartoon pictures with different types of people and animals in the same area, one has an antelope on it's head
a comic strip with an image of a spider in the middle and another cartoon on the bottom
two different types of cartoon characters with captions in english and spanish on the same page
two different types of cell phones with captioning below the text, probola, lacool and me prereznum nemizes to repair
Small Laco
the comic strip is showing how to make friends laugh at each other's faces
How is this possible? Every time you here someone in the village run over a cat, so we have a rabbit for lunch!
the instructions for how to make a cartoon character with different facial expressions and body parts
Mrs.Bee and Mr.Rose
two different pictures with people in front of them
three panels showing different things in the same room, one with a cat and another with a bird on it
Thank God for every good morning :)
two different types of words in english and spanish