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Places where the bear paw visited, not just as real life, but even in my dreams
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trees and grass in front of a tall building with cars parked on the other side
the sun is setting behind some trees
the sun is setting in front of some tall buildings with bare trees on either side
a snow covered path in the middle of a park
Stopy sněhem zaváté na cestě bílou nicotou 8.3.2016
a snow covered park with trees and people walking in the distance on a snowy day
Sněžení 8.3.2016
a snow covered tree in front of an apartment building
Zima v Pardubicích 8.3. 2016
the sun is shining behind some trees and a building with a clock tower on top
Kutna Hora
a man standing in front of a store at night with his back to the camera
Před večerkou Kutna Hora
an old building with graffiti on it and a church steeple in the back ground
Kutna Hora, Czech Republik
an old building with several windows and two benches on the sidewalk in front of it
Hronovická ulice
an empty street with people walking on it
Náměstí Republiky
an empty hallway in a building with lights on the ceiling and no people walking down it
Machoňova Pasáž
the sun shines brightly through the trees and over the water in the woods on a cold day
Misty morning
the coat of arms and crest on a marble surface
Erb rodu Koronthály (Škulkétyho cintorín, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovensko)