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News about Electronic Warfare systems.
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Our new Convoy Protection Jammer STAR V is the next big thing in safety STAR V can be installed inside the boot of a vehicle and keeps all the 5 seats safe and comfortable. We designed it to protect up to 3 vehicles in the convoy. It prevents attacks by Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices and can sweep through multiple frequency sub-bands at once.


Anders Multirole Combat Vehicle


99th NEWAC plenary meeting | URC Systems


When the enemy acts, it's your jammer who should react Our new reactive jammer is the next step to your troops safety Read about how we made the Army of the Czech Republic safer, meet the new member of the STAR family of jammers, and how to upgrade your jammers to a fully modern ones.


15th CWIX 2015 | URC Systems

New protection jammers for Bangladesh Army

Nové ISTAR soupravy pro AČR | URC Systems

Rádiové rušení :: 532. prapor elektronického boje

Policejní hlídky začaly využívat nové schopnosti | URC Systems