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"Written by written by G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite Bennett and penciled by Jorge Molina, [A-Force #1]’s basic concept is that an all-superheroine team defends a small territory in Battleworld...not only establishes the idea of its territory, the chain of command that it functions with, the law and order of Battleworld in general and how it fits in, but a conflict and discovery as well that will last through more issues..."

First Look at Marvel's All-Female Avengers Debuting This Fall (and the Story Behind Them)-It's about time.


Women of Marvel Part 1 in color. From left to right: White Queen, Black Cat, Scarlet Witch. I plan to have 15 female characters from Marvel Universe, an. Women of Marvel Part 1 -Color-

Mary Marvel

WOW Really captured the look of the era. He even managed to find the expression and hairstyle. Artist: Joshua Middleton Online: Marker-made Mary Marvel

Wallpaper - Winter Soldier (Bucky) Logo by Kalangozilla

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