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a painting with an open book and eyeballs on it
there are many books on the shelves in this room and one is open to read
there is a field with white flowers and trees in the foggy sky above it
a man in a suit sitting on a couch with the caption men court explaining how the sun was hot this i couldn't help but shot a guy four times in the chest
the stranger - albert camus.
creds to @thebeis <3
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there is a snow covered tree in the foreground and power lines in the background
the text is in russian and english
a snowy field with trees and the words mehr he comatb on it
тгк: на отходах сквозь сон
two texts are shown in russian and english on the same screen, one is black
a black wolf standing in front of a dark background with the caption's words below it
пелена патриархального невежества on Twitter
the tweet has been written in russian and english
a man standing on the side of a road in front of a field with corn