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an abstract painting with blue and red colors
My Square 57 Elke Trittel 25x25cm
an easel with paintings on it in a room
a large painting hanging on the wall above a wooden table with white chairs in front of it
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
an abstract painting with red and pink colors
My square 50 Elke Trittel
an abstract painting with blue and orange colors
Sue Davis first painting of 2019!
Acrylic painting 10x20 by Sue Davis
an abstract painting is displayed on the wall
a woman standing next to a large painting
Huge canvas. Sweet More
an abstract painting with green and white colors on the wall above it is a large piece of wood
Annette Kleiner
a woman sitting on a couch in front of some paintings
....Encaustic artwork grouping by Alanna Sparanese ....a collection of my turquoise inspired artwork, last of 2016. Looking so forward in creating more artwork,evolving every day. So much gratitude!!!!! ENCAUSTIC ARTWORK
an abstract painting with blue, green and red colors
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Original Painting Abstract