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a painting of an elephant sitting on top of pink flowers and holding a pipe in its mouth
Original acrylic painting Ganesha, Master of Entertainment, Feng Shui, hand-painted on hand-woven banana silk, JAHSANG, 30 x 36 cm
A beautiful painting of the Hindu god Ganesha playing the flute, like Lord Krishna. The embodiments of this Ganesha are performers who entertain and bring joy. The flute brings happiness and is said to eliminate chaos, obstacles, diseases and pain. This Ganesha can be revered in the entertainment industry because the masters of entertainment are suitable for musicians, singers, artists or actors. The acrylic painting "Master of Entertainment" depicts an artistic Ganesha. The background is made o
an elephant with a hat on its head sitting in front of a framed artwork piece
Kalighat Art – Lord Ganesha
Kalighat painting is a traditional Indian art form that is known for its themes techniques, and style. Originating around the 19th century Kolkata emerged as an important economic and administrative region of British India. The Kalighat Temple in southern Kolkata attracted a large number of devotees and European visitors. Thus , craftsmen and artisan from, surrounding villages made their way to the temple to find work opportunities. The artist were painters who painted scrolls, or the patachitra These paintings were minimalistic in the sense that they had no background images, unnecessary decorations, or bold outlines, The paintings depicted single or two figures and used vivid colors and expressive depictions. And thus, this is how the Kalighat style of paintings found its origin
Chitrakathi-Lord Ganesha (0038-18) Painting by Shweta Sharma | Artmajeur Chitrakathi Paintings, Glass Painting Colours, Ganesha Painting, Art Diary, Lord Ganesha, Decor Artwork
Chitrakathi-Lord Ganesha (0038-18), Painting by Shweta Sharma | Artmajeur
Chitrakathi-Lord Ganesha (0038-18) Painting by Shweta Sharma | Artmajeur
an elephant painted on the wall with its trunk stretched out
Ganesha Art Print, Hindu God Painting, Framed Wall Decor, Wall Canvas Decor, Hinduism Diety For Religious Indian Home
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