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Идея рисунка взята из "просторов интернета". Использован маркер по ткани.
an owl is standing on one leg with its eyes open and it's head turned to the side
Jo Pearson (@_strangford) • Instagram photos and videos
a person holding a miniature tray with food on it
Miniature clay chicken briyani with lassi magnet
Handmade Miniature Aloo Paratha with Dahi and Aachar Fridge Magnet
sweet corn Miniature
a drawing of a woman with flowers on her shoulder and long hair, holding roses
ADMIRE- Beautiful Women Coloring Page Adults & kids Instant Coloring Download Grayscale Coloring Digital Printable Coloring pdf, jpg
🌈ADMIRE- This pretty lady with beautiful eyes, long hair, emerging from the floral basket is such a beautiful piece of art to admire, waiting for you to fill life in it with colors. Dive into this enchanting coloring page 🖍️ where intricate designs intertwine with whimsical patterns, inviting you to unleash your imagination. Let the colors flow freely as you bring life to this captivating artwork--perfect for all ages and skill levels! This image is created with my skills together with the he