22 Photoshops That Illustrate How Brutally Sony Trolled Microsoft Last Night

We call this one the 'Tude Titanvia He had to break that window to make sure his middle finger was visiblevia More like . View GIFs That Take Flipping the Bird To the Next Level" and more funny posts on Dorkly

And my teenager was able to name each of the Tumblr dudes... "That's Forever Alone guy, Troll Face, F-yeah guy, Rage guy, Cereal guy, Poker Face guy, and LOL guy...."  Wow!  Didn't know they were popular like that!  Maybe I should start asking for autographs! :)

The stereotypical users and creators of many popular internet sites.

One of the sweetest things that happened in this anime.

Did anyone actually cry at this moment? Cause I sure as hell did and I feel like a total wimp xD for those of you who don't know this is the ending to Naruto: Road To A Ninja and Iruka waited at Naruto's house to welcome him home X)