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Using Simple Shapes to Draw Cartoon Torsos, by bleedingcrow on deviantART. This is a really neat tutorial that shows how to draw different types of body torsos for a cartoon character.

How to Draw - Study: Girls Pants with Folds for Comic / Manga Panel Design Reference

Clothing Folds Tutorial , How to Draw Fabric Folds Tutorial ,Resources for Art Students / Art School Portfolio @ CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at…

Anime Drawings

Inspiration: Hair & Expressions ----Manga Art Drawing Sketching Head Hairstyle---- [[[Batch# by omocha-san on deviantART]]]

SRC - Batch15 by omocha-san on deviantART

Inspiration: Hair Expressions ----Manga Art Drawing Sketching Head Hairstyle---- by omocha-san on deviantART]]]: hair styles women men anime examples

Itachi and Sasuke. "You're not allowed to leave." this isn't sasuke and naruto but its just too cute :3

Aww Sasuke loves his brother 💕 Tags: Anime, Fanart, Akatsuki, NARUTO, Uchiha Sasuke

ALS ice water challenge. XD

Ice bucket challenge naruto, Sakura,and sauska WOW naruto your awesome lol

Cute Manga sytle illustration by Max Cabrera

Illustrations by Max Cabrera

Beautiful drawing of a redhead. The style of the drawing is reminiscent of manga but there is a greater focus on detail and realism.

Sky Doll - fan art

Enjoy a collection of references for Character Design: Eyes Anatomy. The collection contains illustrations, sketches, model sheets and tutorials… This gall

How-to-deal-with-hands by jellyfishthefanarter on deviantART

How to Deal with Hands Tutorial, by jellyfishthefanarter on deviantART. An interesting tutorial on how to correctly draw the hands of your characters!

Itachi and Sasuke: Ha take that Itachi, you poked my dinosaur!

Poor itachi,haha Reminds me of myself and my sister.except of the death and ninja action