Horror Movie Quotes.

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Here are some of the most popular quotes from everyones favorite Horror Movies. Enjoy :).

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"I think i can smell your wife's pussy stink on my gun. Rob Zombie Music, Rob Zombie Film, Zombie Movies, Scary Movies, Good Movies, Horror Icons, Horror Films, Horror Art, Horror Movie Quotes

"I think i can smell your wife's pussy stink on my gun...hope it doesn't rust the barrel." Otis | The Devil's Rejects

Clive Barker confirms his intention to reboot Hellraiser! Horror Icons, Horror Art, Horror Movie Characters, Horror Movies, Drunk Friends, Creeped Out, Creepy Pictures, Dark Fantasy Art, Film Serie

Clive Barker confirms his intention to reboot Hellraiser! - HorrorHomework.com

Earlier today, astute horror fans and Facebook users were lucky enough to get a surprise announcement from Clive Barker himself! As we all know, Mr. Barker has been a busy individual lately (as always) working dutifully on many projects, ranging from paintings to writings and more. But he is also one of the few celebrities …

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Master Freddy Krueger, Horror Movie Quotes, Horror Movie Characters, New Nightmare, Nightmare On Elm Street, Horror Icons, Horror Films, Freddy's Nightmares, Most Popular Quotes


I think Part 4 is where the series became less about the story and more about Freddy simply running around killing people while popping off goofy one-liners. The three survivors from from the last installment have moved on with their lives. They're now in a normal high school with new friends...then the bad dreams start up again. Oh fuck! So quicker than you can say "Deep-fried Kruger gooch", Freddy is killing people in their dreams and making it look like natural causes or accidents…