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two hands playing the piano with a bible verse above it that reads, i will sing praise to the name of the lord most high
Bible Psalm 7:17
'The Lord is righteous; He loves righteousness; the upright will see His face.' 🙏🌟 Embrace God's righteousness and experience His love in your life. #GodsLove #Righteousness #Faith #Psalm717'
an open book with the words it's all god's grace
#thankyouJesus 💕🥹🥹 @angelittleblog
a poster with the words full armor of god written in different languages and flowers on it
Put on the Full Armor of God this 2024 with the PrayerBoardShop🙏
Put on the Full Amor of God this year with the PrayerBoardShop's unique Armor of God designs!
the tweet is posted to someone about their friend's love
It’s worth the wait✨
a white and purple flower on a green background with the quote we don't have an obedience problem we have a love problem
S8 E12: Under Mary's Mantle (Part 1)
a woman standing in front of a flower filled room with the words, future husband
a pink background with the words it may be trying to wait, but everything will work out in the right way, at the right time have faith in god and trust him
My Bible & God | Love. Faith. Hope. 🌿 (@mybibleandgod) • Instagram photos and videos
an acoustic guitar with the words, you are an instrument of god don't ever think
a poem written in pink and black with the words speak this one over yourself
I claim all of this for my family D, A & A as well, in Jesus Holy Name. Satan has NO authority here!