This site is SOOOO cool! It helps you find color palettes. You can search by color or theme. For the kitchen (beige) and the living room (green)

Soft, relaxing tones perfect for a high Intimacy value. Also nice for Clarity. #VoiceValues | wheat tones via Design-Seeds | commentary via The Voice Bureau at

Wheat Tones

wheat tones color scheme from Design Seeds


Living room color idea Hensley (I saw this pallet in an apartment this weekend and was way cute!

Love this color scheme

aged hues--calm bedroom colors or living room

color sip

pp color sip.This is a great way to tie in the blue that I already have in the dining room with the grey I want in the living room


Possible basement color scheme? Storming hues - wonderful blue-grays, an indescribable spruce-green-blue, and a hint of muted turquoise-gray - a wonderful mix that only needs one contrast.


Speckled Tones

speckled tones for master bedroom. Our first choice for bedroom and bath colors.

teacup tones

Color Wander

teacup tones - new home color scheme?

Color Lab Color Scheme like this for a bedroom or bathroom

color palette

Blurb ebook: Design Seeds: Color crop Like the yellow.


Can't decide what I love more! The cats or the palettes? Catsparella: Pussycat Inspired Paint Palettes - Living or Master

This is the basic palette we're using in our bedroom. The two mid-tone browns will actually be wood/wood tones of the furniture and possibly the floor. Colors are the Summer shade palette from

summer shade color pallet for master bathroom

flora tones

Flora Tones

flora tones- Mildly obsessed with this palette!

Italian Hues

Italian Hues

{ italian hues } image via: Kitchen colors pallete

a Vespa scooter-inspired color palette // gray, aqua, teal

Silver, Cloud, Turquoise, Graphite, Denim

fantastic color palette for the master bedroom- blues equal more sleep and relaxation.