Black serval. Very rare.

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owl and fox and beautiful tree.... Artist?

Barn Owl & Fox In An Old Oak Tree by Valerie Greeley Who heard me cry? "I" said the owl, "As I watched the fox prowl I heard you cry.

“Cat in Garden”  by Greg Gawlowski

If you love cats AND gardening, this cat art print was made just for you. The Garden Cat is a stunning cat art print that any cat lover will love.

Georgia Gerber bronzes

The website of Bronze Sculptor Georgia Gerber. Georgia primarily works with life size animal and human figures, often incorporating architectural or abstract elements with an emphasis on creating accessible public art which encourages viewer interaction.

White Egret Displaying by Myrna Bradshaw - White Egret Displaying ...

The White Egrets display their beautiful feathers in their breeding season to attract a mate. Photo taken at the Gatorland Rookery, Central Florida.