Sydney, Australia

One of the narrowest houses in Sydney, Australia - pink apartment building

A 'green' compost container.

A 'green' compost container. Use what you already have before getting more stuff, even if it's stuff for recycling or composting. love this idea

Andy Goldsworthy.

Landart, by Andy Goldsworthy Rivers, journeys, art that returns back to nature has a beginning and end

Nils Udo

Artist: Nils-Udo Title: Summer in the Park Date: 1999 Location: Aachen, Germany

Goldsworthy wall at water's edge and wrapping round trees, cast-iron ducks optional.

Andy Goldsworthy, "Storm King Wall" Storm King Art Center Cornwall, New York I believe Andy Goldsworthy is really trying to induce in us the memory of a place through his work, a timeless relationship between ourselves and nature.

Nils Udo

Natural Beauty

Blossom Dam German artist Nils Udo made the above work in 1990 by creating a stick dam to hold back bindweed flowers, also known as morning glories,as they floated along a stream in Réunion, an island located in the Indian Ocean.