Names and pictures of traditional English Cottage Garden flowers

Names and illustrations of traditional English Cottage Garden flowers . as seen on 1910 Wills’s Cigarettes Old English Garden Flowers Tobacco Cards Complete Set

gardenofthefareast: “ Representation of peonies by Lang Shih-ning (Giuseppe Castiglione, 1688 - from the Ch'ing Dynasty. The Italian Jesuit, painter and architect lived and worked at the court of Emperor Ch'ien Lung.

I love unique things like this. Want to do my house in an old country theme somewhat like this,

Outdoor table and floral arrangement. Similar to the idea I am forming for the space under the stairs in the entry foyer. I see the foyer with brick floor and white wrought iron table hmmmmm.

ahtheprettythings: “ Filoli Gardens in Summer timeTravel Photo Discovery ”One of my favorite places to visit seasonally.

Natural and Refined

This clear glass footed bowl is overflowing with fresh green fruit -- quince, grapes, Anjou pears, apples, and chinaberries -- and delicate flowers. Variegated ivy and white blooming clematis vines form graceful twirls around the mount of fruit.