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Learning Lab Resources: Erosion and Landforms Science Activity - With A Freebie!

Erosion and Landforms Science Activity - This science experiment feels more geared to moving water, but I could tweak it and make it work for how I want. The basic principles are there.

Teaching a unit on erosion? Use a pan of dirt to show erosion caused by wind (hair dryer), water, or glacier (ice cubes).

With this experiment, students will be able to see and explain how wind, water, and glaciers erode the landscape.

(ペーパーポンポン)簡単!かわいい蝶々の作り方 【DIY】(Paper Ponpon)Easy!Butterfly - YouTube

(ペーパーポンポン)簡単!かわいい蝶々の作り方 【DIY】(Paper Ponpon)Easy!Butterfly - YouTube

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