Copitos de papel

I love these paper snowflake patterns! I'm thinking of cutting them into freezer paper, ironing them onto a t-shirt and painting all around them.

Check out 16 DIY Crafts for Fall at | Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder by DIY Ready at

Easy And Fun DIY Crafts For Fall

DIY your Christmas gifts this year with GLAMULET. they are compatible with Pandora bracelets. Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder - 15 DIY Ideas for Autumn Leaves

fabric printing with nature

Diy Print, Living, Für Zuhause Why not try a modern-looking, monochrome leaf motif that will look fresh long past fall?


Craft These Shaped Yarn Ornaments to Adorn Your Christmas Tree (Amazing Interior Design)

Image Source: decorareciclaimagina To make these ornaments you will require some red colored yarn, white glue, toothpicks, a polystyrene tray, a bowl and water. First mix some water and glue in equal quantities in a bowl.

Celebrate fall with this crafty collection of nature-inspired costumes for kids!

DIY Leaf Crowns and Animal Masks

Kids Craft - DIY Paper bag animal mask project, paper bags from stores reused to create fun masks, great photo booth opportunity with friends

Glue-less printable turtle

Ocean Week- All ages Snail and Turtle Are Friends. Glue-less printable paper turtle craft for kids!

Orange et p de pin

12 Amazing Ways to Use Orange Peels

Hace un tiempo me dio por hacer sellos con gomas de borrar (las Milan de toda la vida) y desde entonces no he parado. Y es que crea adicc...

Making stamps out of erasers! Use lino-cut tools (and be careful!

alisaburke: rock magnets

Painted Rock Magnets 41 Amazing Free People-Inspired DIYs You can't say no to this

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singing stones - shakers - pinch pots closed up - small clay beads inside

very inspiring - Hoto via Imaginative Bloom.

Make Giant Trees out of cardboard or sturdy poterboard. DIY Kraft paper puppet show "Peter and the wolf". Cute idea for nursery