grahic design type paper

grahic design type paper \\ this reminds me of celtic knots and oreos simultaneously.

Kitty Maze Garden Maze design

"Amazin' Cat" by Justin White aka jublin

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Some things require more understanding than others, but there are some complexities that we cannot fantom - those that occur in the minds of intelligently evil people.

These two images show the same text, afaik The top one is a square kufi. More info here. Made by Wan Lutfi.

These two images show the same text, afaik The top one is a square kufi. Made by Wan Lutfi.


This image is interesting for me as it show how you can add extra rooms (from a games perspective) to a maze which is something I was struggling with.

Square kufic signatures from 1325, up to today. More images and info here.

Square kufic signatures from up to today.


Playing games on your smartphone now takes on a whole new meaning. Puregear Gamer Case for Apple iPhone 5 - A-Maze-Ing (Blue/Red)

Labyrinte de Versailles (1677)   Author: Benserade, Isaac de, 1613-1691; Perrault, Charles, 1628-1703; Le Clerc, Sébastien, 1637-1714 Subject: Aesop's fables; Gardens; Fountains; Labyrinths; Maze gardens Publisher: A Paris : De l'Imprimerie royale

Labyrinte de Versailles by Benserade, Isaac de, Perrault, Charles…

Elephant Maze

Animal mazes to print and play.

Valentine printable maze

'Love' maze via Mr.





Square kufic by Hassan Massoudy, 1981.

The Maze of No Emergence Arabic calligraphy Marco Denevi