LUCIFER - The Devil at centre, with three faces and three pairs of wings, standing in a pool and devouring a damned soul, against dark background. Titled in top centre: "LVCIFER." Lettered extensively around image with excerpts of Dante's Divina Comedia. Engraving made by Cornelis Galle I, After Lodovico Cigoli, Belgium, 1591-1650.

An engraving of Dante’s encounter with Lucifer/Satan at the end of the Inferno. Illustrators of Dante have given us a number of depictions of Dante’s fallen angel—a monstrous beast with multiple wings and three heads

Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 134, f. 98r (‘Lucifer accompanied by lesser devils’). Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur. France, c. 1450-1470

Fifteen Signs of the Last Judgment, Manuscript page from the Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur, dated


The 15 Best Portrayals of Satan in Books, Movies, and Television - Milton's Satan made the list!

*Rococo Revisited

The Angel of the Night by Giulio Monteverde, Primo Zonca grave, Quadriportico, Verano Monumental Cemetery, Rome - So beautiful!

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