More LEGO Minions to Build! Love the Bee-Do one!

More LEGO Minions to Build!

We are back with more LEGO minions to build! And these are some dressed up minions! If you missed our original LEGO minions post, you might want to start there. That post has step-by-step instructio(How To Make Dress Step By Step)

A Lego sewing machine! Wonder if I can get my little guy to make me one of these?

A LEGO Sewing Machine by Spencer Starck, son of QM's Graphic Designer Denise Starck. ""¿Do I pin this in sewing or Geek.

Building Instructions - Classic

Let creativity grow! It all starts with LEGO® Classic. Find fun, easy and free building ideas, inspirational videos, designer tips and tricks, and just imagine what you can create next!

medieval houses

This week we’re celebrating the power of lego. Lego has brought some…

The ultimate LEGO trick. Wish I knew this as a kid.

I should have known this trick.

Funny pictures about I wish I had discovered this LEGO trick before. Oh, and cool pics about I wish I had discovered this LEGO trick before. Also, I wish I had discovered this LEGO trick before.

1000s of Legos Instructions!!

Thousands of complete step-by-step printable older LEGO® instructions for free. Here you can find step by step instructions for most LEGO® sets.


3 Gumball machines (orange, pink and light green) This set includes: all required LEGO® parts a not pre-cut waterproof permanent adhesive transparent PVC sticker sheet

Batman LEGO Tumbler Replica

Probably The Coolest & Smallest Batman LEGO Tumbler Replica Ever

We have all marveled over the vehicles in Batman, but we think you will go completely bonkers for the minimalistic Batman LEGO Tumbler replicas by Tiler.

LEGO Recycling Bin (Blue) by bruceywan

The Miniature LEGO Realism of Bruce Lowell sculpture miniature Lego