LEGO Stone Bridge

(Sirens-of-Titan) built this gorgeous bridge to accompany a fantasy story he wrote. The jagged rocks along the water contrast beautifully with the smooth lines of the stone bridge. See more pics and read the story on MOCPages.


We scoured the internet, and found ten awesome bridges for you. Check them out here, and be inspired to build your own awesome bridges!

Lego Arc bridge with steam train

German steam engine on the Steinford viaduct :: LEGO creations. My German steam train engine with some cars on the Steinford viaduct crossing the small river called "Bricke" in the Steinford mountains.

Lego on a viaduct

Lego on a viaduct

"Lego Brooklyn Bridge" by Nathan Sawaya

My dad used to build lego towers at night, and when I woke up in the morning, I would run downstairs and knock them over. I don't think I'd knock over lego Brooklyn Bridge.