16 Lego Christmas Decorations (with Downloadable Building Guides!)

5 Lego Christmas Decoration Downloadable Building Guides

Decorating for Christmas can be done DIY if you want to make it a LEGO Christmas. Here's a building guide for tree ornaments and decorations.

LEGO Dogs - Building Instructions!

LEGO Dog Building Instructions

LEGO Dog Building Instructions - Frugal Fun For Boys LEGO Dogs - Building Instructions!


This Incredible Artwork Is Made of Legos. Really!

Great White Nautilus - from Beautiful Lego, edited by Mike Doyle

Lego Ducklings

Lego Duck Spring Lego Building Ideas for Kids

Simple Lego ducks for Spring. Create a whole family of Lego ducks for a building challenge. Quick nd fun Lego duck building idea!

Lego Duck with Ducklings #40030

LEGO Duck with Ducklings Set

My Owl Barn: Lego Snowy Owl

Remember Barney the Barn Owl ? There's a recent addition of The Snowy Owl to the 'Lego Bird Project' a series of amazing.

Lego birds by Tom Poulsom

Lego birds by Tom Poulsom

This amazingly cute little fish is a perfect showcase for how to exploit the natural shapes of LEGO bricks to form imaginative creatures. Builder gonkius uses two curved slopes meeting each other to form a perfect fish mouth, and a curved fender element suddenly looks as if it were always made to be fish fins. However, this …

Build your own super cute orange LEGO fish [Instructions]