Angry bird made out of LEGOs! Instructions to build

LEGO Angry Birds "Minis" These adorable little creatures fit snugly in the palm of your hand.

LEGO Angry Bird "Mini" - Instructions

Build your own mini angry bird, in LEGO! This little fellow fits snugly in the palm of your hand, or in your jacket pocket. Throw it at your pig enemies to annoy them! More Angry Bird "Minis"

Lego Angry Birds

Lego Angry Birds

Funny pictures about Lego Angry Birds. Oh, and cool pics about Lego Angry Birds. Also, Lego Angry Birds photos.

Crazy About Angry Birds (31 Pics)

I am terrible at creating MOCs. I would love to create the rest of the gang, but it took me forever to get the roundness on this guy. Love Angry Birds though!

Yet Another LEGO Angry Birds ... don't forget the pigs!

This is the third Angry Birds LEGO edition. No doubt, this is the best group of LEGO Angry Birds that we've ever seen so far.

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LEGO Angry Birds - By the looks of the LEGO Angry Birds display, this social media game is still going strong. Although it cannot be denied that the Angry Birds game .

Lego angry birds wooow

Or more specifically, Angry Birds and Pigs. I have plans for these, including building a few more red birds and hopefully a black one.

Angry Bird from Brno 2014 lego show

Angry Bird from Brno 2014 lego show