I came across this tutorial guide on how to draw a face . It focuses on the face patterns, shapes and features like eyes, lips and nose.practice drawing the eyes, how to draw lips, & a basic outline of drawing a face.

Amigurumi Face Ideas

amigurumi face and expression ideas. Very nice I like to draw random faces on objects.and this would suite my purpose:)


Drawing mouths - If you're going to draw the teeth, make the lines between them really light, or they end up looking like chicklets. I'm terrible at drawing mouths!

Facial Expressions

25 essential facial expressions for illustrators. Otis you should totally do this! Draw squares (or not) and then create a character and draw all of the moods you see for them, like this! I challenge you!

universal facial expressions

How to Read Body Language and Facial Expressions

Character faces

Character faces