Memory map

Nicola Searle, Memory map of a route in St. Albans, stitched map illustration onto white linen fabric.

Paula Scher, NYC Transit, 108 in x 60.5 in, acrylic on canvas, 2007.

Manhattan by Paula Scher: a self-taught designer renowned for her typography skills, began painting her colorful & stylized maps back in the early

U.S. Routes as a Subway Map

a map of the United States Highway system as if it were a public transportation subway map by Australian designer Cameron Booth

Diagram maps forgo all spatial integrity and instead represent the connectivity of a specific environment. Diagram metro maps tend to space elements at equal distances, so while they manipulate geographic distance, the routes are more readable to the average user. In the case of a metro map the lines representing rails will adhere to design rules in order to be uniform (e.g. they might only make 90/45 degrees turns). Landmarks are often added to help with orientation.

Exploration of how much geography is needed in metro maps Removing geometry by Fathom

Evolution of the NYC subway map

Vignelli, Designer of Famous Subway Map, Defends His Version Over These Others (IMAGES) - WNYC 1979 map, which replaced the Vignelli map:

Busway routes diagram

Busway routes diagram