Blood Vessels...

Cast of blood vessels of the human hand by Gunther Von Hagens. The human body is a beautiful thing.

The Krampus

If I have kids, I'm making my husband dress up like Krampus to give the kid(s) root vegetables if they've been bad. Awesome alternative "holiday" cards: The Krampus, Gryla, The Tio De Nadal, and The Yule Goat.

War time - Southend, Essex, 1941. Photograph: Science & Society Picture Library

Listening to Britain, edited by Paul Addison and Jeremy A Crang

LONDON, WORLD WAR II: Southend, Essex, Photograph: Science & Society Picture Library scary as it is, gas masks were probably worn pretty often.

In 1583, Edward Kelley, the alchemist/charlatan and close compatriot of John Dee, allegedly channeled the ur-language of the angels, which was spoken prior to the fall of mankind and the linguistic cataclysm of the Tower of Babel. He called the angelic language Enochian:

MAGIA - ALFABET - Enochian alphabet is applied in an occult or angelic language recorded in the private journals of John Dee and his colleague Edward Kelley in late century England. The language is integral to the practice of Enochian magic.

Red Army parade in Red Square, Moscow, 1937.   Georgi Petrusov

Red Army parade in Red Square, Moscow 1937 Photo by Georgi Petrusov


This Incredible Artwork Is Made of Legos. Really!

Great White Nautilus - from Beautiful Lego, edited by Mike Doyle

‘Bicycle Typogram’ by Aaron Kuehn is a lovely typographic artwork created for Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, that depicts a bicycle using the actual words for each one of its parts.

ride What a fantastic piece of art and what a fun way to learn about all parts of a bicycle! Credit: Aaron Kuehn- aaronkuehn(dot)com.

Narrow gauge

Folded Space Syndrome -- digital rendering of Lego train by Korean builder Amida Na

Brothers Grimm

alfiusdebux: “Emmanuel Polanco, The Complete Brothers’ Grimm Fairy Tales ”