Tracciamenti, Abito

The hand as something worn or put on. Another fabulous (LilDuckieArts) lee lange arts advisory curation.

我们可以把人体简化归结为一个由几何体构成的组合。头部可以看作一个椭圆体,颈部是柱体;*可以看作一个梯形立方体,臀部也以看作一个梯形立方体;  这两个梯形立方体之间的腰可看作一根弯曲转动的圆柱;四肢可看成能伸屈的圆柱体。

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uniforms_of_the_continental_navy__1776_1783_by_cdrejohnpauljones-dv7tul.png (630×1145)

Uniforms of the Royal Navy, These are the uniforms worn by the Royal Navy, from the early stages of the Napoleonic Wars through the War of The top row displays the full dress unifor.