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black and white loft living space with fireplace (photography and styling by Paulina Arcklin

Wood-burning closed hearth for double-sided fireplaces - 21 - Stûv

Wood-burning closed hearth for double-sided fireplaces - 21 - Stûv. First double-sided that I like, and I don't want to deal with wood ash.

virrat, finland • avanto architects

Architect Visit: Four-Cornered Villa by Avanto Architects : Remodelista wood stove fireplace living room

Tunnelhaard / doorkijkkachel van Stuv. Houtopslag in de zijkant?

These 3 doors wood burning stoves are created, produced and marketed by Stûv that also produces pellet stoves, fireplaces, wood inserts, open fires and gas fires

ceiling mounted fireplace cigar lounge

Ceiling Mounted Fireplaces – 9 coolest ceiling fireplace designs Home Interior Design, Kitchen and Bathroom Designs, Architecture and Decorating Ideas


Quadro is a sleek heater with elegant details. A wide-angle glass lens gives wide view of the fire from both sides.