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an image of a creepy house with the words grell sutcufff was here
Grell Sutcliff was here by chico1985 on DeviantArt
the boys in suits are posing for pictures together, and one has his hands up
MY BABIES | allkpop Meme Center
four different pictures with dogs and the caption that says, the kind of dogs most people want to protect them
an image of a person holding a cell phone with the caption whenever i hear the black butter into
Dank Butler
two anime characters sitting at a table with food in front of them and one is reading
two anime characters with different facial expressions and the caption that says, who are they?
an anime scene with the words marry me? and people running in front of them
So ill take that as a yes?
the instructions for how to use cat eyes
Sebastian's true form is.... by RebelAngel91210 on DeviantArt
Sebastian's true form
an anime scene with the caption that says, oh now aren't you just the cutest thing?
an anime scene with the caption being forced to socialize with non otakus
Otaku Problems #99, funny, text, Sebastian, Ciel, Black Butler; Otaku
an image of someone's bed with pillows on top of it and the caption reads, fanning fiction i was at the mall today i unfolded a b
a butler who can't herp derp isn't worth his salt
Alice Practice Black Butler Cosplay, Anime Karakterek
Alice Practice