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Escape to the Vineyard

Sometimes we just need a bit of breather from the day to day, and dream a little about taking some time out to relax in a vineyard. Cool glass of wine in hand while the sunshine gently ripens the grapes...
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Stellenbosch University

Wine Tasting in the Western Cape, South Africa

Cool pool, hot summer sunshine.. I can smell holidays and cool wine

Delaire Graff Estate Wine Lounge

My type of gardening ! Beautiful vines and gardens at DelAire Graff, Stellenbosch

Off truffle hunting on our way through the vines

Panoramic View from Corte Pavone, Montalcino

My Idea of #Glamping! Veuve Cliquot trailer towed by a Ferrari!

Looking out over next year's vines growing up slowly!

Castelnuovo Don Bosco

Up in the hills amongst the beautiful castles of Piemonte, Northern Italy

Terme di Vinadio

Scouting the route with our wine guide before entering the depths of Barolo country.


Walking amongst the vines in Piedmont, Northern Italy with a stunning backdrop of a castle in the background.