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a dresser with a mirror, lamp and plants on it in front of a curtained window
an arched hallway with black and white checkerboard flooring is featured on instagram
Vivir Design on Instagram: “Whether indoors, outdoors, on the floor, on the wall, and well…you name it…The checkerboard pattern is a design staple that is just as…”
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a dresser
A dreary day made better by cute rooms and cute home decorating 🧸 | Instagram
the best plants for the bedroom info sheet on pink background with black and white text
5 POWERFUL AIR PURIFYING Plants to Clean the Air in your Home
two mugs are sitting on a table next to a quilted heart wall hanging
Vintage Hearts and Wildflowers
Helen Philipps: Vintage Hearts and Wildflowers
there are many different mirrors on the wall