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Everything and anything Korean pop or japanese pop related. All my favorite bands, singers, actors, dancers, etc////// I love sehuns fabulous faces he pulls YEHET!

Minseok and his damn eye brows

Kim Minseok stop please I can't your eyebrow do so mush effect on me I'm dying slowly because of your charm and because your gorgeous Gif - Xiumin on "EXO

wow kyungsoo what r u doing

I have no idea what he's doing (almost looks like he's resisting the urge to sneeze), but he still manages to look cute and adorable.

#Literally me

when ur friend says they know who your crush is in front of your crush <<< ohmygosh ikr this is my reaction. Exactly my reaction.

what are they even doing lol

EXO Reaction: How about their reaction when they see you nearly falling asleep during a presentation (requested by exosbane)

EXO Lay copying Chanyeol. He just so adorable!!! XD

EXO Lay copiando a Chanyeol.el se ve adorable adorable!