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Supersets! Full Body Dumbbell Workout at Home
Use supersets for an efficient time saving way to train! When one muscle group is working, the other one is resting. If I am working in rep range, I also really like to dial in the RIR concept. Now it might be a good idea if you bring a pen and notepad or your phone to your workout and jot down what weight amount allowed you to really challenge the muscles. Workout: 12 reps/3-4 sets Step ups/pushups Static lunge/Arnold press raise Squats/bent over rows Calves raise/isolated bicep curl Deadlifts/triceps push-ups #supersets #movedaily
Quick Shoulder Workout!
Save this workout for your next shoulder day. I love training shoulders! Here's a quick shoulder workout to put on repeat: 12 Lateral raises 20 Military press 12 Front raise/arm 20 Military press 12 Reverse flyes 20 Military press 2-3 sets Follow Move Daily Fitness over on YouTube!
Biceps & Triceps Workout
Ready to Lose Weight & Build Muscle?
A new season can mean a new start and a new life for you! Grab one of my curated programs and start putting some structure and order to your workouts. We've got lots for both beginner and advanced levels. Let's move daily!
Chest & Triceps Workout at Home!
Chest and Triceps Home Workout! Move Daily Fitness has been largely targeting women in the past number of years, but we also want men to be moving daily! Each Monday we will be putting out a post that targets men’s fitness. Chest & Triceps Workout 12 reps/3-4 sets Incline chest press + Incline triceps extension Flat bench chest press + Tate press Push-ups+skull crusher