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Simple steel profile roofing meets minimal metal angle as rainwater gutter on roofJohn-Roe Luna
Created by David Bowen, Underwater is an installation created for INTERIEUR 2012.  It uses a Microsoft Kinect to collected real-time surface data from moving wave patterns and translates them into this large scale installation comprised of hundreds of servo-motors.
34 touch sensitive salt crystals spread over a world map highlighting the biggest salt mines. According to the amount of salt mined in these regions, millions of salt particles are emitted over the world map, slide down the mountain ridges, then diffuse and flow with the main sea currents. When a crystal is touched, it starts to glow. Grains of salt pour over the table and merge into an information window
bucket light
Curtain Door by Matharoo                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Toyo Ito, Pritzker 2013: biblioteca della Tama Art University, Tokyo:
Places of the soul, photo © Serge Najjar.
collecting rain water like a boss victor lundy
AA School of Architecture 2013 - Diploma 14 - Philip Turner