Joker #SuicideSquad by on @DeviantArt

The Dark Knights of Gotham — Joker by

Harley Quinn by on @DeviantArt

Harley Quinn by Tomáš Obluk

Deadpool by on @DeviantArt

StuffNThings - Deadpool by

Falcon #Captain America by on @DeviantArt

Spidey illustration, inspired on various mech suit armors, including Iron man's MARKVII, and some Lorica armor prototypes; eh~ sorry capt. I'm choosing sides now.

Cami Li by on @DeviantArt

Cami Li by on @DeviantArt

Psylocke #X-men by on @DeviantArt

Psylocke by on DeviantArt

Taylor Swift by on @DeviantArt

Taylor Swift by on DeviantArt

Chloe Decker #Lucifer by on @DeviantArt

Chloe Decker #Lucifer by on @DeviantArt

Maze #Lucifer by on @DeviantArt

Commission for icon:mikedeangelo:

Assassin by on @DeviantArt

Assassin by on DeviantArt

Harley Quinn #SuicideSquad by on @DeviantArt

The Dark Knights of Gotham — Harley Quinn by

Floki #Vikings by on @DeviantArt

Floki by on DeviantArt II God I love Vikings and Floki is so.

<<Black Panther>>

Speed painting of Black Panther (Marvel) Time: Full reso: 4200 x 6300 px Black Panther

Strapo by on @DeviantArt

Strapo by on @DeviantArt

Camay Doan - Chocolate by on @DeviantArt

Camay Dee - Chocolate by on DeviantArt